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Oct 12, 2020    |     Direct to Consumer eCommerce, eBay, eCommerce, Marketplaces

Learn about the opportunity that exists for brands, retailers and manufacturers on Australia’s largest marketplace, ebay.com.au.

A brief history

Founded in 1995 by Pierre Omidyar eBay, along with Amazon, normalised and popularised online selling and buying. The creation of eBay has since not only made their founders billionaires, but helped pave the way for the eCommerce industry we know today. 

The online marketplace created a centralised location where everyday people could buy or sell an item (used or new) online. As the marketplaces scaled in North America the global opportunity quickly became apparent eventually evolving to become a key channel for brands to sell to consumers all over the globe without the costly investment of traditional retail.

Since their entry into the Australian market in 1999, eBay Australia has grown into not only the largest marketplace in Australia, but the largest online retailer in the country. In their 21 years of operation, the eBay marketplace has continually evolved to meet consumer demands providing a fantastic online customer experience, a huge range of categories and products and exceptional customer service. This focus on customer experience has resulted in eBay becoming one of the most trusted brands in the country.

Australia’s brand marketplace

eBay has evolved from the second-hand marketplace where you sell those much-loved pair of old jeans. With Amazon not entering the Australian market until 2017, eBay spent time developing their platform and transforming into Australia’s ‘brand marketplace’. Today eBay showcases a significant number of brands with direct representation including brands like; Crocs, Harley-Davidson, Dyson, Apple, Microsoft, Nespresso, Country Road and many, many more.

Since its Australia launch, eBay has shaped and dominated online retail in Australia. eBay is the largest online marketplace in Australia & New Zealand by a significant margin, with Amazon cementing its second-place position in the market since Its launch in Australian in 2017. In fact, Australia is the only market in the world that both eBay and Amazon operate where eBay is the more dominant marketplace.

eBay.com.au is not only the largest online marketplace in Australia they are the largest online retailer in the country and Australia’s fifth most visited website overall. This places them above many other popular sites, surprisingly even wikipedia.com and news.com.au.

On raw numbers, eBay Australia receives approximately 75 million monthly website visits. Of these shoppers, roughly 14 million are unique visitors. As a country with a total population of close to 25 million people – over half of Australia visits eBay every month.

More people visit eBay Australia each month than the total number of visitors who visit the following 7 retail websites on the list combined (including Amazon, Kogan and JB Hi-Fi)

Quick product/category stats of what Australian shoppers are buying on eBay.com.au:

  • Wedding products, one purchased every 25 seconds
  • Home decor items, one purchased every 12 seconds
  • Watches, one purchased every 22 seconds
  • Tools, one purchased every 19 seconds
  • Smartphones, one purchased every 1 minute
  • Car or truck parts, one purchased every 4 seconds

Seller performance and eBay Plus

On average orders placed on eBay.com.au are delivered in between 3 – 7 days, however ensuring streamlined fulfilment operations can present a large performance opportunity for sellers and brands. By achieving high seller standards, which includes fulfilment and delivery timeframes, postage and returns requirements, customer service and feedback, your product listing can receive a ‘plus’ badge.

The plus badge provides buyers with guaranteed delivery timeframes and in some cases free delivery and returns. Additionally, ‘Plus’ listed items typically receive a higher ranking than those that aren’t which results in higher listing impression and subsequent sales as well being invited to participate in eBay Plus member exclusive promotions and events. This strategic move is in a competitive play to challenge Amazon’s membership initiative Prime.

Ensuring listing titles are correctly structured, item specifics/attributes have been correctly updated and product content like images and product descriptions are optimised will all play a role in sales performance. Not to mention the suite of marketing solutions that include everything from promoted listings (paying for higher listing rankings) to fully integrated campaigns.

Be selling in time for the holiday gifting season

eCommerce has never been more relevant than it is today, a trend that will no doubt continue for the foreseeable future. The growth and innovation that eBay has demonstrated in recent years provide ample opportunities for brands to take advantage of Australia’s largest online buying audience.

Enrich Trading Group are specialists in the eBay marketplace. in the last 31 days on average our customers have achieved some amazing results:

· 112% increase listing/product impressions and

· 168% increase in revenue with

· 58% incremental customer reach

If your brand is interested in hearing how our team could help you scale on eBay and/or other marketplaces like Amazon, get in touch today.

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