eBay’s new CPC ad format – Promoted Listing Advanced. What you need to know.

Aug 12, 2021    |     eBay, eCommerce, Marketplaces, News

In the last week, eBay announced one of the biggest changes in its promotion and advertising capability since the release of promoted listings. ‘Promoted Listings Advanced’ will provide sellers with greater listing visibility and campaign control.

eBay Open 2021 was a 3-day digital conference designed to help eBay sellers grow their business and deepen their community connections. The conference consisted of Seller-led breakouts, Category breakouts, Seller panels, Start-up training and last but not least; executive keynotes.

During his keynote, Alex Kazim, VP, GM Global Advertising at eBay brought to light the power of eBay search highlighting that 70% of all eBay purchases start from a search and that 20% of purchases on eBay start from a listing in a top spot in search results.

Until now, other than listing optimisation, sellers have only had two options to capture the power of search; Top of Search and Promoted Listings.  Over 1M merchants have used promoted listing in the last quarter (Q1 – 2021) promoting more than 400M listings to the top of search results with sellers often seeing double-digit lift in sales as result.

In an effort to provide sellers with more visibility and control, Kazim announced that Promoted Listings Advance will enable sellers to capture search results through a Cost-Per-Click (CPC) format. The new ad format will provide more listing visibility to sellers through priority access to the first spot in eBay search results.

The keyword-based Cost-Per-Click bid model will allow sellers to determine exactly how much each keyword and click is worth to them and a daily budget feature will provide control over campaign spend. Additionally, keyword and campaign reporting will provide insight into keyword and campaign performance enabling sellers to optimise their promoted listings advanced campaigns.

The new ad format is currently only available in the US and UK for now, so the countdown is on as to when this exciting new capability will be available in Australia.

Watch the announcement from Alex Kazim to learn more:

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