eCommerce shipping in Australia what to consider to be successful

Apr 20, 2021    |     Direct to Consumer eCommerce, eCommerce, Marketplaces

From our experience working with national and international brands and retailers who are planning to set up and operate eCommerce in Australia, the one thing that becomes an afterthought is the last mile of getting the product to the customer.

At times shipping costs in Australia can feel like sending 1kg of payload to orbit 🚀  – however with the right considerations and planning there are efficiencies that can be made and hard lessons to be avoided. 

Some of the key considerations we at ETG review when solving this problem for our clients are:

  • item size: what are the dimensions of your product
  • item weight: size matters and weight matters
  • item sale price: what’s the sale price of the item
  • how is it shipped: size of parcel: avoid dead weight and unnecessary space in the parcel used.

Always keep in mind that most carriers change on weight and volume.

  • where is it going: metro vs regional, local vs national
  • shipping type: standard vs express
  • shipping carrier: who are you using? what is the size of your account with that carrier (how many orders are you shipping daily)?

At ETG the combined size of order volume for our clients, it puts us in a favorable position with our carrier rates.

In addition ETG factors in additional variations and strategies for our clients to ensure shipping profitability is met and optimized. 

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Martin Helleborg
Head of Operations & Marketplaces
Enrich Trading Group

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