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Oct 11, 2021    |     Amazon, Direct to Consumer eCommerce, eCommerce, Marketplaces, News

Hyundai and Amazon in an exciting partnership, create a digital showroom the Hyundai Evolve. Allowing customers to start their buying process through the online retailer and marketplace.

The partnership between Hyundai and Amazon Ads will not only allow customers to view vehicles, but they will also be able to see real time inventory as well as payment estimates and loan terms. Inventory tracking is only available through dealers that participate, however.

Hyundai’s president José Muñoz seems to be reading the room with how COVID changed the car buying experience and wants the company to be able to cater to those customers who prefer buying things online.

He said:

“Our mission is to be the leader in a seamless, digital and transparent retail experience in partnership with our dealer body. The events of the last 18 months have made it clear that many consumers want a car buying process that aligns with how they purchase nearly everything else in their life. Amazon is a leading retailer and we’re excited to continue collaborating with them on digital retail experiences.”

In addition at ETG we know the power of Amazon ads and the predictive data targeting they have available, which will allow the car retailer to run campaigns using targeting sets such as:

  • Life-stage – first car, second car, soon to be parents etc
  • Affinity – Targeted ads based on their passions and interests
  • House-hold income – Advertise the right model to the right wallet
  • Geographical
  • Demographic

Even if Hyundai won’t be processing the final transaction through Amazon, this is a big win for Amazon Ads and the opportunity for them to keep growing their ad revenue and winning share off Facebook and Google.

For Hyundai this is a great opportunity to grow their brand reach across the worlds biggest retailer and allowing them to run highly targeted and relevant ads.

Question now is – what other “typical” bricks and mortar category will enter the marketplace space.

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Martin Helleborg
Head of Operations & Marketplaces
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