Top 20 Australian marketplaces

Jul 2, 2021    |     eCommerce, Marketplaces

There are over 50 marketplaces now in Australia which is quite staggering when considering our relatively small population. So, with all this choice, how do brands select which marketplace is right for them?

We’ve compiled a list of the top 20 marketplaces is Australia that we believe each brand should evaluate whether you’re considering selling on marketplaces or if you already are:

  1. eBay
  2. Amazon
  3. Catch
  4. MyDeal
  5. The Iconic
  6. ASOS
  7. Myer
  8. Facebook/Instagram
  9. Google (shopping)
  10. Kogan
  11. David Jones
  12. Farfetch
  13. Grays Online
  14. Fishpond
  15. Wish
  16. Trade me (NZ)
  17. The Market
  18. Westfield
  19. Trade Square (B2B
  20. Bunnings

If you’re considering launching on marketplaces, and you’re not sure where to start our team can help you understand the value that each marketplace represents to your brand and/or products and how to create a winning marketplace strategy.

Tyler Jarratt
Head of Partnerships
Enrich Trading Group

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