Why aren’t you selling on Australia’s largest online retailer?

Jun 17, 2020    |     eBay, eCommerce, Marketplaces

 eBay.com.au is by far the largest online retail website in Australian by every metric that matters, sessions, customers, revenue. So why aren’t you selling on eBay?  


ebay.com.au is the largest online retail in Australia, they’re also the 4th highest visited site in Australia only topped by; Google, Facebook, YouTube. 

Each month there are roughly 12M unique visitors to the online retailer – that is half of the Australian population. 

All this is impressive right? So why are some brands still reluctant to join the 40,000 sellers on ebay.com.au? there is still a common perception that eBay is for ‘backyard’ selling. SME’s that sell second-hand/used product. but when in fact, over 90% off all products sold are new.

eBay Australia has worked hard to turn ebay.com.au into a ‘Brand marketplace’ with direct to consumer representation from brand like Adidas, Dyson, Kathmandu, and the list goes on. So, what are you waiting for?

Right now, it’s free to get started

eBay are offering all new sellers who open an eBay Store 3 months fee-free when you open an eBay store by 30th June 2020 so time is running out.

eBay & Enrich Trading Group

Enrich Trading Group is a global eBay partner that specialises in helping brands develop and manage multichannel Direct to Consumer eCommerce. We’ve helped launch brand like Harley-Davidson and Crocs on eBay.com.au not to mention other marketplaces. 

If you’d like more information about how to access eBay’s 3 months fee-free offer, please reach out as we’d be happy to assist you in getting set up with no further obligations.

Tyler Jarratt
Head of Partnerships
Enrich Trading Group

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